Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is at the core of In-bound and Content Marketing initiatives. We provide strategic planning and custom content creation, specifically to support your Content Marketing goals and objectives.

Content Marketing creates an on-going dialog with your audience members, builds communities, inspires engagement, and supports Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts. Increase your company's online visibility, build trust with your prospects and customers, and drive traffic back to your marketing or e-commerce website by creating and distributing custom content that is targeted to the needs of your audience. 

Content Marketing is an effective way to encourage audience members to take specific actions, from starting a trial, to signing-up for a newsletter, buying a product, or attending an event. We can help you build a strategy that will set you apart from your competition, by providing custom content that will resonate with your audience, and encourage them to share the information with their colleagues. Improve your brand recognition and overall program results, with one or more of our Content Marketing offerings.

Our Content Marketing experts will help you strategically leverage and enhance your existing content, and can create new assets that will engage and delight your audience.

Content Inventory & Assessment

Is your website or intranet over-flowing with content? Is it unclear which assets are still valuable, and which can be retired? How relevant are your existing assets to what’s needed for future marketing campaigns and initiatives? We can help you by inventorying your assets, and assessing their freshness, relevance, viability, and strengths for future usage. Where needed, we can also recommend strategies for content archiving, in compliance with records retention guidelines and best practices.

Content Journey Mapping

Prospects often need to engage with a company several times before they make a purchase decision. Does your content properly support each stage of your prospects’ information gathering and buying cycle? Can prospects gain the right information from your assets, when they need it and how they prefer to consume it? Our Content Marketing experts can help you document your customer journey, and map existing content to that journey. If critical content is missing from the journey mapping, we can recommend how to best address the content gaps.

Content Strategy & Content Creation

Do you have a clear content creation strategy that supports your demand generation efforts? Are all stakeholders aligned around that strategy, and ready to contribute? Or are you short staffed, and in-need of assistance to create targeted content? Whether you are running one-off demand generation campaigns, or more complex and longer-term nurture (drip) campaigns, we can help you create a comprehensive content plan, and set content creation priorities and timelines that will help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we can work as your outsourced “content factory,” or can help you setup your own in-sourced content creation model.

Thought Leadership Content

High-value thought leadership content can help you establish your company or products as industry-leading, and as a result, can help with driving top-of-funnel leads. We will work with your company’s subject matter experts, or with independent third parties, to develop branded thought leadership content that can be utilized in campaigns, events, and even on sales calls.

Messaging & Product Content

Compelling messaging explains succinctly what your product is, what problems the product solves, and why a prospect should buy from you. We will work with you to create clear and concise messaging, that positions your product and company versus competitors. Your new message can be used on the web, in events, by Sales, and as the basis for development of creative materials.

Marketing & Sales Alignment Content

Unless Sales accepts and closes Marketing-generated leads, your marketing efforts will be wasted. Our experts will help you create Sales-centric content that will improve Marketing/Sales alignment, increase the number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that are worked by Sales, and ultimately help you tie closed revenue back to your marketing efforts.

Content Marketing Experts

Our Content Marketers have led initiatives for large corporations, mid-sized companies, and startups alike. We understand all aspects of Content Marketing, and would love to bring our expertise to support your initiatives for acquiring customers, growing revenue, and increasing customer loyalty.
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Content Factory

If you are struggling with creating enough content to feed your marketing programs on-going, we can help by either setting up a dedicated "Marketing Content Factory" team for you at our agency, or we can consult with you on setting up processes and policies at your location, which will enable you to manage your own Content Factory in-house.

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